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A couple of weeks ago we were treated to the Perseid Meteor Shower. As soon as I read that the conditions would be optimal for meteor viewing (no moon and no clouds), I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

This is something I’ve wanted to experience for a long time – Linville Falls in the snow and ice.

As we neared the Viaduct we noticed the stars were shining so we stopped for a little photo adventure. I wanted that quintessential view of the Viaduct at night. You know the shot- every photographer in the High Country has photographed it. Heck, I’ve photographed the Viaduct from this vantage point quite a few times. I can’t say I’ve seen too many night images of it, though.

Emily and Tim are getting married next April.

So, we decided to snap a few photos in honor of their engagement. Late September along the Blue Ridge Parkway is a beautiful thing. So is true love.

Marshall Point Lighthouse • 2013 Edition | I photographed this lighthouse at sunset in October of 2004. It was a gorgeous sunset. The weather today was much different, but the lighthouse was exactly the same. It has seen little change since it was constructed in 1857. And, yes, this is the one that Tom Hanks runs to in Forrest Gump.

Humphreys Peak is the highest point in Arizona with an elevation of 12,637ft. I’d wanted to summit the mountain ever since a few friends and I nearly reached the top in our winter attempt of 2011.