January 20, 2014

I’ve known Anne for years. From back in my Asheville days. She and Chris met at a Young Life camp in high school. It wasn’t until years later, though, that they decided they were in true love.

In the Summer of 2009 Anne decided to move to Seattle so that she and Chris could study for the MCAT together. During her drive from Asheville to Seattle I hitched a ride as far as Colorado, where I had an apartment at the time. It was during that summer that Anne and Chris started dating and decided they were in true love. I like to think that I helped facilitate that. You know. Since I helped her with the drive to Seattle and whatnot.

Anne and Chris were married on a cold December day in downtown Asheville. The candlelit ceremony was held at dusk in a small courtyard surrounded by their friends, family, a giant Christmas Tree, and a sweet dune buggy. With a build your own Ramen Bar, a lamp just like the one in A Christmas Story (you know which one I’m talking about), and 30 floating lanterns at the end of the night, the reception was a hit!

There are so many more images from their wedding that you need to see. You can view them HERE!

Venue: Ben’s Tune Up | Floral Design: The Nikki-Jeanne-and-Rebecca Show | Hair and Make-up: Alison Burnette | Wedding Coardinater: Kiersa Holy | DJ: Chris Kromey | Photography: WACphotography


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