August 25, 2015


A couple of weeks ago we were treated to the Perseid Meteor Shower. As soon as I read that the conditions would be optimal for meteor viewing (no moon and no clouds), I knew exactly where I wanted to go.


I left the house just after midnight and headed out to the Parkway. I wasn’t surprised to find that I wasn’t alone out there. I started off on a hilltop where it was cold and windy and there were too many people for my liking.


I ended the night by myself on the Blue Ridge Parkway, just below where I asked Emily to marry me a few months ago. Over 4 1/2 hours I saw at least 80 meteors. It was pretty magical. Not a bad night outside!

WACphotography_PerseidMeteorShower_BlueRidgeParkway_005 WACphotography_PerseidMeteorShower_BlueRidgeParkway_006 WACphotography_PerseidMeteorShower_BlueRidgeParkway_007

October 03, 2014

Emily and Tim are getting married next April.

So, we decided to snap a few photos in honor of their engagement. Late September along the Blue Ridge Parkway is a beautiful thing. So is true love.

We played in the creek. We hopped barbwire fences. We climbed old oak trees (well, I did at least). We sipped wine as we watched the sun set behind Grandfather Mountain. Such a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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June 25, 2014

Last week Emiline and I took a trip to the Roan Highlands to seek out the Rhododendron Bloom. We weren’t disappointed. Nor were we disappointed to find the Azalea Bloom. Nor were we disappointed in the grandeur of the Roan Highlands in general. Emiline had never been. I have been quite a few times- most recently just a few weeks ago when I hiked through on my High Country Loop adventure. I hiked across the balds on the Appalachian Trail on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. It was a zoo. I talked to the ATC appointed Ridge Runner and he said he had already met 300 people for the day.

Last week we saw just a handful of people up at the Rhododendron Gardens on Roan Mountain and even less once we crossed the road at Carvers Gap and headed up to the balds on the AT. There was thunder overhead when we first got there, but thankfully the rain held off and the clouds pushed out, leaving us with a gorgeous summer sunset!

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