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How has summer already come and gone? It seems like it passes too quickly. September is here and the brisk mornings of Fall are just around the corner.

And, since it is already September, I can’t help but think back over what my summer was like. The memories I made. The adventures I had. The places I saw. Overall, I would rank this summer into my top five favorite summers of all time. Another summer that I would put in my top five is last summer. Last summer Emiline and I took our grand road trip to New England.

12 Days • 14 States • 3,053 Miles Driven • 25 Appalachian Trail Miles Hiked • 4 Lighthouses Visited • 1 Rock Launched At Canada – with a slingshot

This was one of the four lighthouses we say in those 12 days. When I initially posted an image of it to the Instagram, I wrote:

Marshall Point Lighthouse • 2013 Edition | I photographed this lighthouse at sunset in October of 2004. I’d been exploring the coast of Maine with my wonderful guide @longwinterfarm and our day happened to end here. It was a gorgeous sunset. The weather today was much different, but the lighthouse was exactly the same. It has seen little change since it was constructed in 1857. And, yes, this is the one that Tom Hanks runs to in Forrest Gump. #goforthgonorth #coastofmaine #vacationland #lighthousessavelives #runforrestrun #vscocam

So, this month’s wallpaper is in honor of Forrest Gump, which was released in 1994. It’s crazy to think that movie is 20 years old!

Below you will find various file sizes and options that are available for download- Widescreen/Standard/with a Calendar/without a Calendar/Facebook Cover Photo. Downloading one of these images to use for your desktop wallpaper is quite simple.

  1. Choose the format that best fits your needs.
  2. Click the link to open the image in a new tab.
  3. Right click the image and “Save As”
  4. On your computer, set the image as your desktop.


Wide Screen (8:5) with September 2014 Calendar:

2560×1600 | 1920×1200 | 1680×1050 | 1600×900 | 1440×900

Standard Screen (4:3) with September 2014 Calendar:

1600×1200 | 1400×1050 | 1024×768

Facebook Cover Photo (No Calendar):


No Calendar:


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December 24, 2013

I just found these film scans from my time in Oregon during the summer of 2012.

These images were shot on a Sears Tower 10B Rangefinder that I picked up on Craigslist for $20, an Olympus Trip 35 that I found in a thrift store for $7, and a Holga that I won in a contest.

I think it might be time to dust these cameras off again and see what happens.


October 04, 2013

Two weeks ago I made a trip to Washington DC. While I was there, I met up with Kelly and Corey to snap some engagement photos. We got rained out when we first got together on Saturday evening so we retreated to a local pizza place for dinner and beers. By Sunday morning the sun was shining and we were able to capture these images.

Kelly and Corey are getting married on the coast of Virginia (about 20 minutes from our old family cabin) tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to document their day.

They’re leaving on Sunday for a month long road trip across the country with their dog and a teardrop trailer in tow. I couldn’t be more jealous.


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