About Wedding Albums

The Story of Your Wedding

The Wedding Albums that are offered by WACphotography feature luscious, full-grain leather covers and a hard substrate between the pages. Weighty and resistant to damage, these truly make the perfect wedding book.

I believe it is important to remember that investing in an album is an incredibly important part of your wedding process. Each two-page spread of your album is custom designed to tell the story of your wedding.

When the time comes to order your wedding album we make it as easy as possible- pick a size (4 to choose from), pick a color (10 to choose from), pick your images. That’s it.

Superb Construction

The beautiful thing about these books, besides the superb craftsmanship and high-end quality, is the lay-flat nature of pages that allow images to flow seamlessly from spread to spread. This allows each spread to be presented in all of its glory.

Each page is printed on Fuji Crystal Archival paper, which means that each spread is literally a photographic print – and those far outshine the normal press-printed albums we see a lot of these days. And each page is built with a 2mm substrate in between them… which means that those suckers are sturdy. Basically, they’re built to stand the test of time.

Covers are available in ten beautifully rich colors and are made of 100% natural leather. And when I say natural, I mean soft, full-grain leathery goodness. The kind of soft you want to snuggle with. I guarantee you totally would too, if it weren’t for the fact that your spouse would get super jealous.

Multiple Sizes

We offer Wedding Albums in four sizes:

  • There’s the cuter-than-kittens mini albums, coming in at a petite 5x5. These little ones come in sets of two and make great gifts for your wedding party or for slipping in your back pocket. Heck, you could give one to someone in your wedding party AND slip one in your back pocket if you wanted to.
  • The 8x8s make for great parent albums. They’ll love them. They’ll show them to their friends. They’ll show them to their neighbors. They’ll probably even show them to you. Afterall, our parents are our biggest fans, right?
  • The 10×10 is perfect for any occasion. Enough said.
  • And, if you want big impact, you go 12×12. Opened, the 24×12″ prints will feature your wedding spectacularly.

Something to Share

This is what a wedding album should look like. I dare you to set one on your coffee table and see what happens when your friends come over. They’ll be drawn to it. They can’t help but pick it up, hold it in their hands, open its pages, and begin to gush over how beautiful your wedding album looks.


Sample Album

To see how Kristen and James’ album was designed, click HERE.

As you will see, we like to keep our designs simple and clean.

Options and Pricing

  • Two learn about the various Album Options we offer, click HERE.

  • To learn more about Album Pricing, click HERE.