The Grayson Highlands Collection

I recently went to see the doctor about my newly developed asthma issues. While I was there she showed me a video one of her friends had posted from the Grayson Highlands. The rhododendron were in full bloom. I knew I had to head up there to see it for myself. I've tried a few times over the years to catch the rhododendron bloom in the Grayson Highlands, but have always missed it- either too early, too late, or the weather just didn't cooperate.

I hiked in late Wednesday afternoon and I wasn't disappointed. The blooms were just past peak, but still quite beautiful. The weather was absolutely perfect. I have spent close to 200 nights in the Grayson Highlands over the years and found a campsite that I have never stayed in. It provided the perfect setting for my photographic endeavors.

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